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A continuation of the company's role in communicating with the local community and in support of the company's positive role in community service. And seeks the company of cooperation with

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E.styrenics is proud to announce that we are now certified as ISO 9001:2008 compliant, the most widely used and internationally-recognised framework for good business management covering the key area of

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Company profile

Starting in August 2005, E.styrenics has a plan to finish its factory in El-Dekhela port, by the end of 2010; with a total investment of 185 million US$ E.styrenics has a plan to make another plant beside the polystyrene one to produce styrene that will start up after the polystyrene plant start up by 2 years. E.styrenics is a public-private investment company located in the free zone of Alexandria and following the laws and regulations of free zone companies, as for taxes to be exempted on importing and also is treated as a foreign company inside of Egypt.E.styrenics polystyrene project is planned to produce 200,000 tons of polystyrene annually. With 150,000 tons to be exported and 50,000 tons to be marketed locally in Egypt, Estyrenics able to cover the demand of high quality polystyrene -produced by its plant- to all companies using polystyrene in Egypt. The Polystyrene project is planned to be a two phase project. The 1 st phase is to produce polystyrene in our plant out of exported styrene components. The 2 nd phase is to construct a styrene production plant out of local Benzene and Ethylene components.

                        Financial Data

The Total installed cost estimate takes into account that Egyptian companies could supply part of the equipment, materials and services to build the facilities. It can be said that production of Polystyrenes in Egypt is a sound Project from the economic point of view both the Net Present Value of cash-flow and the Internal Rate of Return on Total Investment show levels that make the Project a quite suitable and advantageous Industrial development.The Sensitivity Analysis developed in the current study measures the impact on profitability expressed as Net Present Value of cash flow. and Internal Rate of Return, when key parameters have different values than those considered in the base case. The results of the analysis show that Profitability Indicators are sensitive in descending order to: Polystyrenes selling price, Styrene monomer feedstock, Operating level of the Plant, Interest rate and Total Installed Cost.


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