Shareholding Structure

Shareholding Structure

The company’s authorized capital is 400 million US$. The issued capital of the company is 185 million US$ divided into 237.820.000 $ shares each having a par value of 10 US $ per share all of them are cash shares.
All the company’s shares are nominal shares. The capital has been subscribed to as follows:

Financial Data

The Total installed cost estimate takes into account that Egyptian companies could supply part of the equipment, materials and services to build the facilities.

It can be said that production of Polystyrenes in Egypt is a sound Project from the economic point of view both the Net Present Value of cash-flow and the Internal Rate of Return on Total Investment show levels that make the Project a quite suitable and advantageous Industrial development.

The Sensitivity Analysis developed in the current study measures the impact on profitability expressed as Net Present Value of cash flow and Internal Rate of Return, when key parameters have different values than those considered in the base case. The results of the analysis show that Profitability Indicators are sensitive in descending order to: Polystyrenes selling price, Styrene monomer feedstock, Operating level of the Plant, Interest rate and Total Installed Cost.