Faculty of Engineering and Science

Organize visits to early students of the Faculty of Engineering and Science University of Alexandria.

Under the company continues to entities with scientific heavyweights .. The idea of inviting talented students from the Faculty of Engineering to visit the company's exotic port, to learn about the industry polystyrene fact that our company a leader in the industry. Given the importance of the visit was coordinated by appealing to the concerned authorities, which welcomed the idea, were nominated by the number of ten students from the early Faculties of Science and Engineering, has also been developing a program for the visit commensurate with the desired goal as commensurate with the aspirations of students in knowledge. On the day of the visit was coordinated with the departments concerned to work in an integrated system for the exit level Fine began visit program in the time that has been previously selected a lecture about the procedures and safety instructions on the site was explained by how Give more attention to the company for all safety procedures and reviewed the possibilities existing company, which put the company at the forefront of companies in the field of fire fighting and environmental protection. program continued the visit to explain the manufacture of polystyrene and moves to set up the factory and then began practical side of the visit to roam within the production sites of different after coordination with the Department of Safety, which has provided the tasks of prevention for students committed to the instructions of safety within the site and explain the steps of the production process in detail by management operations have been visiting the lab building and praised the students the possibilities existing in the factory of equipment and advanced technology compared to previous visits them in international companies, both inside and outside Egypt. The end of the visit to meet with students,

Mr. Engineer / Chairman of the Board, who welcomed the students and listened to their questions, which were pouring in their desire to learn more about the industry. It also was a poll of students on the visit which he said praising the company and the program of the visit, and most of them expressed his desire to learn more about training and the industry in our company. Because the system always work out the integrated work of sublime universally respected figures, this was an extension of our role in the positive impact on our society to become a grain always castles in the petrochemical industry and our beloved country.


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