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A continuation of the company's role in communicating with the local community and in support of the company's positive role in community service. And seeks the company of cooperation with

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E.styrenics is proud to announce that we are now certified as ISO 9001:2008 compliant, the most widely used and internationally-recognised framework for good business management covering the key area of

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Social care

Social Care:

Our commitment to our people in the surrounding community essentially originates from our sense of their needs, so that the area of social welfare in the surrounding community had became in mind, and it is the bond of love and affection between us and our society. The company always seeks to help our society represented in:

  • provide subsidies to poor families.
  • Celebrating Mother's Day and honoring ideal mothers.
  • Orphan's Day celebration.
  • contributions to associations such as the Alexandria. Children Protection Association, Esdaa association for the Impaired Hearing, Dwaa Elklob association Dar Elhob& Elhanan Association, OSO association, and Eyon Elraafa association, and Hilal Ahmar Society.
  • provide support for of the Alexandria Employees Union Accident Fund.
  • contribute to the restoration of the Ajami neighborhood and the passage of Merghem.
  • buy clothes for orphaned children.
  • processing orphan brides.
  • Distribution Ramadan Bags and sacrificial meat in religious events Alpha.   





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