Conquer the cold of winter

With the onset of winter , and the consolidation of the principle of solidarity among members of the community and deepen cooperation in business related to relief . And the importance of projects in drawing the covers on the happiness of families covered by the sorrows of suffering different. This comes in the distribution part of a campaign launched by the company this winter , called the campaign ( conquer the cold of winter ) in order to alleviate the suffering of poor families in this harsh winter , The aim of the campaign ( anorexia winter cold ) to provide the requirements of prevention of the winter cold of winter clothes and blankets to families and individuals who are exposed to the loss of the intensity of the cold and the lack of blankets winter which leads to the further spread of disease and cold winter different , especially bone diseases , rheumatism, arthritis and back pain , and respiratory diseases , especially influenza , cold , sore throat, colds , etc. which cause the death and destruction of many of them .This intervention was the subject of a tribute to the valuation of the beneficiary families thanked crew company E.STYRENICS on this intervention , which came in his time .The invitation company E.STYRENICS to donate and support the campaign from the verse ( believers are brothers ) and the words of our Prophet , peace be upon his family and him , "such as the believers in their mutual love , mercy and compassion , like the body , if the member complained to falter, the rest of the body to ensure a fever " and saying peace be upon him ( From the same insured plight of anguish minimum , the same God about the plight of the anguish the Day of Resurrection , and is pleased to pinching pleased God in the world and the Hereafter , and Lester Muslim jacket of God in this world and the Hereafter , and God help the slave was slave helps his brother ) .

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