Orphan day

The company will activate its social role hearts fill with compassion and tender through the sponsorship of orphans, comes this extension of the role of the official, who works on the rooting culture of giving regulator, which seeks to bring about positive changes in the community, especially since the adoption of the care of orphans came in response to the voice of the beloved homeland to celebrate the child an orphan. The company and in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Education has developed a plan to host the 200 orphans in Celebration great prostitute involved in the celebrations on their festivals across the program carefully prepared by a specialized team, and the program included a ceremonial events in nature entertaining aligned with the aspirations of the children and is seeking at the same time develop their knowledge and their sense of national development. It is noteworthy that the Egyptian Company for the production of citrine and poly styrene (E.styrenics) is the first Egyptian company to have a dedicated team in the development of society, including covered by social responsibility and depicts our community, which aims through a series of programs and events and social projects to contribute to the development of society, Sure Man is Investment real axis of the fact that he does not love us from the homeland exaggerate live on land and under the sky.





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