At ESTYRENICS, safety is more than just a priority. It’s a core value and the basis of our strategy. Our ambition is to be recognized as the benchmark for safety in our industry. To achieve this ambition, we have taken steps to ensure that safety is an integral part of our processes and guides our everyday actions.

Egyptian Styrene & Polystyrene Production Company

(E- Styrenics) is a Company Operating in the Production of Styrene & Polystyrene which is considered the Raw Material in manufacturing of industrial Plastics and the company works According to the Global Production Technology in this Field (INEOS/Lummus).


In order to cope with advanced thinking and to keep the image of the company in the  Global and Local Markets,  established and implement the integrated management system and to be conformed with the International Standard Requirements of the Occupational Health ,Safety and Environment .


E- Styrenics is committed to comply with:


1- Achieve customer demands and expectations, with the least hazardous effect on products, Environmental and Risks.

2- Comply with ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015 requirements.

3- Comply with legal, legislative & other requirements related to business.

4- On going development of HSE applied systems.

5- Take necessary precautions for preventive of air, water & land pollution and minimize loss &optimize the use of resources.

6- Provide HSE gears for employees, neighboring companies, clients, subcontractors and company visitors  

7- Promote Team work spirit among qualified & trainees on the latest technologies.

8- Convey the policy to the employees and interested parties.

The company is reviewing the policy of Occupational Health, safety and Environment periodically to ensure continued suitability and compatibility with the operations of the company’s products.

The Estyrenics HSE Management System defines the principles by which we conduct our operations worldwide with regards to health, safety, and the environment.

Management communicates the HSE philosophy to all employees, customers, contractors, and third parties associated with our business, and each Estyrenics organization must provide positive evidence of conformance to the system.

The HSE Management System model comprises eight interrelated components:

  1. Commitment and leadership and accountability
  2. Policies and objectives
  3. Organization and resources
  4. Contractor and supplier management
  5. Risk management
  6. Business processes
  7. Performance monitoring and improvement
  8. Audits and reviews.

These are continuously improved by conformance checks

  • on day-to-day standards and procedures (controls)
  • on the management system (correction)
  • through modifications to the management system (improvement)

Estyrenics is committed to protect the health and safety of its employees, visitors and subcontractors involved in or affected by its operations.

Estyrenics is also committed to protect the natural environment as an integral part of the Company’s business performance.

Estyrenics has taken all possible measures to maintain a healthy and safe working condition. All our employees possess adequate knowledge of the surrounding hazardous conditions and are constantly updated with the latest safety policies and    procedures. They are also well equipped to efficiently combat any safety hazards that may occur during their work.

Estyrenics ensures compliance with the local laws, regulations and standards related to occupational health, safety, and environmental protection.

Estyrenics is continually improving its HSE management system. This is reflected in The Company HSE policy and the certification for Both ISO 45001 & OHSAS 18001.