Company Profile

E-STYRENICS was established in Sep. 2005 under the name of the Egyptian styrenics production company as a corner stone of Egyptian petrochemicals strategy according to law of investment guarantees and investments No. 8 of 1997 as a private duty free zone. Our main shareholder are Egyptian petrochemicals holding company (ECHEM), ministry of finance, national investment bank, Enppi, and Petrojet.
E-styrenics , now part of the Egyptian petrochemical integrated plan , is a truly in the basic engineering process,
E-Styrenics head office is at Cairo, Egypt. Our Plant and facilities will be located at Alex., Eldekhella Port.


GPPS (General Purpose Polystyrene), transparent like glass, beautiful color, has easy processing and fabrication features for injection, Extrusion and other molding methods in addition, GPPS has high electrical insulation characteristics and good dimension stability.

HIPS(High Impact Polystyrene), a copolymer of rubber and styrene, has high impact and flexural strength, and is widely used for industrial and consumer goods.

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  The Polystyrene project used INEOS technology for the manufacture of High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) and General Purpose Polystyrene (GPPS)
  Estyrenics signed Dkhila land contract with Alexandria port authority
  Basic Engineering Work (for ISBL)completed on Apr 30,2007 by ABB Lummus Global
  E-Styrenics issue letters of intent to Helm A.G., Sabic, and Trichon to supply 200 KTA Styrene and the draft contracts under preparation
  RFQ for polystyrene distribution contract issued on May 21,2007 and Estyrenics Received the offers on the bid due date June 26,2007
  RFQ to select the consultant that will prepare the EIA Study issued on Jun 13,2007 and the bid due date was determined Jul 12,2007
  E-Styrenics evaluate the offers received from Banks that showed their interest to participate in project financing
  The Basic engineering for storage system and utilities in progress (by Enppi)